My Review of Bairdston

Hey!!! I just finished Bairdston by Robert Cook. I have got to say I absolutely didn’t care for this book. The cover of the book had me so enticed that I had to know what it was bout then when I read about it, I thought it may be a good book. I was thoroughly let down by this book. Mid way through it I started researching the author and found out this book was pretty much a spin off to one of Robert’s other books Pulse, and I haven’t read that so I’m not sure if it helps with the story or anything but lets hope it explains more than this book. I was more confused and wondering if I missed something while reading this book than I was enjoying it. I do not feel like this story is over, it should be rewriting and give more clear explanations and a better plot to it. seriously what was going on in this story.  One and a half stars!!!



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