Review of My Senior Year of Awesome

I read My Senior Year of Awesome by Jennifer DiGiovanni in less than six hours! I loved this book. It was a wonderful example of high school problems. I personally loved how this story unfolded, so many girls will relate to Sadie and Jana. Every one wants to make their senior year awesome and unforgettable and these girls did just that! They went from just flying under the radar to living it up, getting to know people, and putting their selves out there. I love the fact that Sadie finally got to see what the most popular boy was like after crushing on him for three years, and realize he wasn’t all she thought he was! This  book was wonderfully writing and easy to picture in my head like I was living every moment with Sadie! I would like to read Andy’s side of the story from his perspective. I would love to hear his thoughts through this whole story instead of just seeing a moody guy!




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