My Review of Willow

Willow by Julia Hoban. I hate to give bad reviews on books but this book just rubbed me the wrong way! I was so through with this book within 2 chapters!!! Willow was a whiny brat that didn’t care how anyone else felt she was a pity party for one! I don’t know if it was the tone of the book or the narrator, but to me it was like Charlie browns teacher… wah wah wah WAH! Was it just me or was this like a third person referred  thing, Willow would be talking and boom it was like she was referring as her self as a third person.  Lets not forget to mention how she constantly brought up she killed her parents every two minutes looking for pity then being a bitch about it! I hate to say it but this book was so stupid and unrealistic that I just wanted to scream the whole time at the characters (who are truly nonexistent) and the author (who I pray has gotten better at writing) I really cant believe I’m writing a review for a book that isn’t at least have some praise in it!


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