Dangerous Tune

Dangerous Tune (Angel Academy book 1) by Adela R.N. I was contacted by the author to see if I wanted to read this book for a honest review, which I do to help authors. I really did enjoy this book. I just felt that it didn’t have enough details and character interaction. To me it felt like it was just a quick overview of what happen. The author could have gave all the characters more details and place settings and that would have helped the story more along to me it felt like a summary of a story. At first I thought the characters was in high school then it turned out they was a senior in college that just seemed weird to me, the story felt younger to me. If the author was to go back and give the characters more details, the setting more detail, and give the story just a longer time frame I would most certainly read it again and read the next book in the series! I’m not sure what the time frame was of the story happening but to me it seemed to last on 2-4 days. Once again the author should have gave more of a back story with the characters and let them get to know each other before just jumping into everything! As for the plot and story goes it will be great if it just had some fine tuning and more details!


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