Rise “Order of the Krigers” by Jennifer Anne Davis Let me say it right now before I get started I strongly dislike Vidar, through the whole book I’ve been secretly hoping he gets killed off! I have loved everything I have read by Jennifer! I’ve never been disappointed. I have fell in love with Anders, Kaia, and Morlet! Yes I’m rooting for the bad guy but to me he isn’t as bad as Vidar. Vidar just rubs me the wrong way! I have been screaming in my head Kiss her already Anders! Don’t wait to long!!! The way this booked made me so mad I want more right now I can’t wait!!!!! I have to know what is going on!!!! I love this books! It broke my heart when Kaia’s dad died!!!! Vidar is evil!!! To go around her back and ask her dad for his blessing that is a bunch of crap!!! I hope he gets what is coming to him. As for Anders I immediately liked him and was sucked in to his story there is so much about him that I’m dying to know!!! Jennifer has given us another powerful female hero to look forward to! I can’t wait for more from these characters!!! Book two hurry up I can’t wait!!! 


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