In The Shadow of the Dragon King

In The Shadow Of The Dragon King By J. Keller Ford

Had Eric known what daylight would bring after the nightmares ended, he would have remained in bed, the covers pulled over his head. Instead, he waded through the puddles of the castle’s upper courtyard, each gong from the clock tower coiling his stomach into tighter knots. Sloshing beside him along the aisle of topiaries and statues was his best friend, a devilish lad with unkempt hair the color of dirt and a cockeyed grin. 

I don’t know why but I love this start!!! Devilish lad with unkept hair lol! 

I love this book, it did take me forever to get into the book but once I did man! This book was intense on the edge of your seat nonstop action! I was so surprised about Trog (I won’t leave a spoiler) but man I have to say what a sacrifice I know love him more!!! I’m kind of hoping Charlotte and Eric get together and that will be the reason she was brought! I can say with all honesty this author is going places!!! I can’t wait to read the next book!!!! 


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