When Zoey Fell Too Far

When Zoey Fell Too Far by Amy Sparling 

I absolutely adored this book! It took me straight back to the awkward high school days!   Poor Zoey her first date was a disaster! Amy did a wonderful job of capturing the different type of guys that high schools has! It was like she based Kris and Alex on some of the guys in my high school! I hope any girl that reads this gets what Jonah was trying to tell Zoey! 


As an artist, I lived for the imperfections. The small details that made things unique. Perfection was boring. Give me complication and bumpy roads and I was a happy girl.

Infinity by Jas Accardo

Oh My gosh I loved this book!!! I can’t wait to read what happens next and if they catch Dylan!!! This book was fast pace and so entertaining that it absolutely hooks you and leaves you wanting more!!!