Aimee and the Heartthrob 

Aimee and The Heartthrob by Ophelia London

I have to say I wasn’t into this book at all!! It was very predictable! It had its moments where it was good but it was really not my thing a little slow! 


My daughter 

This year marks 7 years since I was laying in Muskogee hospital in some major pain waiting for the medicine to kick in an stop my labor! 7 years since I was rushed to tulsa by ambulance because there was nothing more Muskogee could do for me! 7 years since I was scared and alone waiting for news of what was going on and if my mom would make it in time! 7 years since the dr walked in and told me that they would be taking the baby no matter what! 7 years since I begged an pleaded with the dr just to give her a few more days! So in the morning will be 7 years since I went in for a emergency c-section not even knowing if I was having a boy or a girl! An at 8:23 am will be Mattie Lane 7th birthday I was told to expect as soon as they pull her out her lungs would explode soon as the oxygen hits them that she would never cry nothing and you know what happen she screamed she struggled to breath she lived for 17 1/2 hours when they told me she wouldn’t survive 30 seconds of oxygen! She fought all the wires, she even pulled them out, she took breaths with out the machine, she had all kinds of strength that no 24wks 6days preemie should have! She had so much going against her and she fought so hard!