The Cowboys Sweetheart

The Cowboys Sweetheart by Crista McHugh

I have to say this was a very refreshing read that goes to show you how you can’t judge a book by it cover statement is truly with people they can change!! I loved it!! Can’t wait for more!!

4 stars


The Tomboy and the Rebel

The Tomboy and the Rebel by Leeann M. Shane

This was such a great book I truly hope more comes from these characters. I would love to find out if he gets his brother back and how her parents do where they go to college. I would love a book from her best friends life story to. I want to know how their blossoming love stories go!!

5 stars!!!

The Hardest Fall

The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

I absolutely loved this book! Dylan and Zoe have completely became one of my favorite characters! It had a great story line and I would love to read a book on JP’s life and Chris’s! Would love to read more books by this author!!!

Save Me

Save Me By Stephanie Street

I loved this book! The characters came to life and basically jumped right off the pages! I love how the author tied the past in with what was happening but never gave to much away! It was truly a great read!

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram

What a cute fun little story! I hope the author continues to write this story as a series maybe the next one could be a book about her best friends! For being such a young author she is fabulous writer!!!

5 stars


Mine by A.N. Senerella

Oh my god I love this book!!! So many twist and turns it always kept you guessing! I really hope there is more to their story I would love to follow all of these characters for years to come!!!! I don’t want to say to much but this book is one book i would recommend to everyone!!!

Let You Go:

Let You Go by Jaxson Kidman

This story had a hell of a lot of twist and turns but I loved it! Foster and Rose is the ultimate love story of heartache and struggles but never giving up and losing sight of each other!

4 stars

Forget You

Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Wow is all I can say!! I love this story so much! I loved the characters I truly hope the author keeps writing about all of these characters (even Brandon) I would love to read something from Doug’s point of view!!! The twins was super annoying but then again the book wouldn’t be the same without them! I would love to see more about her mom and the sheriff!!!! One thing I HAVE to know is about the college scholarships it was brought up so much during the book I’m like totally invested!

5 Stars