​The Consequence of Loving Colton 

​The Consequence of Loving Colton 
I have to say this book gotten pretty confusing at times but I couldn’t stop laughing though the whole  thing! It was laugh out load funny! It got pretty confusing on the POV sometimes it seemed like it was suppose to be one person POV but adding other peoples in it


When Zoey Fell Too Far

When Zoey Fell Too Far by Amy Sparling 

I absolutely adored this book! It took me straight back to the awkward high school days!   Poor Zoey her first date was a disaster! Amy did a wonderful job of capturing the different type of guys that high schools has! It was like she based Kris and Alex on some of the guys in my high school! I hope any girl that reads this gets what Jonah was trying to tell Zoey! 


As an artist, I lived for the imperfections. The small details that made things unique. Perfection was boring. Give me complication and bumpy roads and I was a happy girl.

Infinity by Jas Accardo

Oh My gosh I loved this book!!! I can’t wait to read what happens next and if they catch Dylan!!! This book was fast pace and so entertaining that it absolutely hooks you and leaves you wanting more!!! 

A Fabrication of the Truth

A Fabrication of the Truth by Katie Kaleski 

I revived this book through netgalley for a honest review! This book is about a tragic love story that basically left me wanting more not necessarily a good thing I just would like to know what happen to Dalton! To me it seems that this story has been done before. It was wonderfully written it just felt a little not finished to me. They way the author through characters in there and didn’t really use them to thier potential really got me special all the kids who knew dalton, I would have loved more interaction with them all together! I would also like to know what happen to dalton, how long did he live, did they get married, did he get community service? ⭐️⭐️

All Laced Up (Breakaway #1)

All Laced Up (Breakaway #1) By Erin Fletcher 

All I can say it I absolutely always love publications by Entangled Teen Crushed!!! This book was so sweet! I loved how Lia thought she could read Pierce and then turned out he wasn’t how she thought!!! Such sweet first love! These books gives teenagers the idea of how love should be 

Through The Lens

Through The Lens by Shannon Dermott 

Oh my lord!!! I love this book I can’t wait to read the next one!!!! It has everything in it, a love story, heart break, missing girls, laugh out loud moments!!! This book has kept me on my toes the entire time! I totally wasn’t expecting who the kidnapper was at all! I so thought Allie kidnapped Caryl and killed her to be with Ethan! I can’t wait to read more books from this author!!!

Breaking The Mold

Breaking The Mold by Martine Lewis

I received this book for free in return for a honesty review! 

First off I really enjoyed this book! It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was wonderful! I thought it might have been a follow up with the characters from book one but it wasn’t and I fell in love with these new characters! It had a lot of twist and turns that kept me hooked! It was till towards end that I figured out that these books are leading up to one big story with all the character!!! This is such a well written book that once I thought I could predict it it would change!!! I loved that! I can’t wait to read more from this author and see what she has in store for all these characters! I want to know so much More about the book store owner I think she had a much bigger part in it all!!!